About Us


Shawn Blankinship and Jon Lang, two Canadians who started wandering around the planet one and a half years ago! We started our travels in Europe back in May 2015, and visited Europe for 6 months, Southeast Asia for 4 months, and China/Japan for 2 months.

One year after the travels began, Shawn and Jon took diverging paths. Shawn returned to Canada to meet up with family/friends, and enjoy the many National Parks in Canada/USA. Jon continued travelling to Taiwan, the Philippines, and spent the summer near Prague. Jon flew back to Canada to chill and meet up with family/friends.

We both met up in our hometown and swapped travel stories and relived many good memories!

In October 2016, Shawn flew back to Europe and will check out western Europe for 2 months, and then Mexico/Central America until February 2017. Jon will be settling in for work, and will determine where his next adventures will be!

Send me an email at spblankinship@gmail.com, or check out my Facebook Page. Look forward to hearing from you!

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