Belated Portugal post

We arrived on bus to Granada, Spain and checked into White Nest Hostel. Covering the rolling hills were smaller tree’s stretching out as far as the eye could see, pretty sure they’re olive trees. Keeping the whole bus company was the comical elderly Spanish couple, who transended the language barrier by their refined routine together. But Granada will be another post, I want to share a place called Sintra (20min bus ride from Lisbon).

We were made aware lots of walking/hiking awaited us to reach the sites. So upon recommendation we found a local spot a fueled up on some bacalhau fish with rice, which was needless to say delicious. Oh and beer. Tip: Super Bock over Segres any day.


First up was Quinta de Regaleira a honest and true fantasy land, easily a day trip on its own. Going uphill are pathways weaving throughout vast lush gardens with the odd narrow trail tempting you to explore. Along the way to getting lost are well maintained buildings, towers and of course a private chapel for the big cheese living here.



As if ment to be hid was a well going down 27m called the initiatic well. Carved out is a pathway winding around down the well where its delightfully colder. The bottem view up was cool, even better were the interconnected caves we stumbled around in. This place is filled with continuous surprises, like a commercial reminding you “BUT WAIT THERES MORE.”

Accompanying the epic gardens was the palace, worth taking the time to admire. Exquisite to say the least.



Second stop was the Moorish castle ruins a journey in its self getting to them. The pathway up hill took its toll on our conversation, from talking to joking about “it never ending” to silence until we arrived. The castle walls hugged the outskirts of the hill and on each corner a tower to look out from providing spectacular views.


Burnt out and out of time we decided to skip the colorful palace perched independently at the highest top. Other travelers recommend visiting the palace giving great feedback. Maybe next time.


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4 thoughts on “Belated Portugal post”

  1. Fascinating, Jon! Your photography is fabulous! You and Shawn must be trekking miles up those pathways and stairs. We always look forward to hearing these details and seeing what you are seeing in your photos. Thanks!


  2. I’ve never even heard of Sintra; I’ll have to add it to the Lisbon itinerary. Great to meet you guys and hope to run into you again! Safe travels 🙂


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