Across the Straits into Africa!

The journey continues into Africa! From Seville, Spain, we took a bus to the Straits of Gibralter, and hopped a ferry to Tangier, Morocco. We took one night in Tangier to relax, and then took a bus to Chefchaoun, a beautiful mountain town in northern Morocco. This is called the Blue City – you can see why in the photos below. We checked out some waterfalls near Chefchaouen, which was a good 5 hour hike. While crossing the river, there were cement like pillars to hop accross – good practice for our balance. Surprisingly, there are massive open fields of marijuana being grown. The locals are very proud of their hash – I’ve heard it’s very relaxing!

From Chefchaouen we took off for Fez – one of the best preserve ancient cities in the world. The Medina (old part of the city which is surrounded by the city wall) of Fez was quite amazing, with a labrynth of streets that can be wandered for hours! The mosques, theology schools, and architecture are facinating. Check out the photos.

I must admit that photos cannot capture the full experience. The aromas of the market, the bussle of the streets, and the many promises of “A special price for you my friend,” must be experienced in person. While at times tiring, northern Morocco has been a blast! In my next post I’ll shares our Saharra Desert trek, and the Moroccan south! Until then!



P.S. You’ll notice that I’ve previously posted several photo galleries. As we go along, we will post photo galeries of each area in addition to our regular posts of the journey. I’ve set these up as seperate categories, so you can select just photo galleries or journey post. You can find the categories in the side/bottom menu. Hope you enjoy!

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