Vienna and Budapest

The journey heads into Vienna, Austria. This city is full of architectural beauties, with the full decadence of a former imperial capital! Like Prague, it was fun to just wander around the city and look at the buildings!

We also checked out some very interesting museums, including:

  • The Music House – full of interactive exhibits showing how sound works, the development of classical music masters, and how some sounds don’t exist in the material universe!
  • Albertina – a fascinating modern art museum, that definitely make your head turn
  • Kunsthistorisches – houses a massive collection of Roman/Greek/Egyptian/etc pieces, as well as artwork from world renown masters like Michelangelo and Rafael

We then took a bus into Hungary, and will spend 3 days here. Today we wandered around and checked out the Buda Castle right before a torrential downpour started! Luckily my umbrella performed as needed and saved a drenching! We’ll be here for a few more days, then eastward into Romania. Until then!

Cheers, Shawn

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