Transylvania – Romania

Our first stop in Romania was Sibiu, a beautiful little town in Transylvania. Sibiu has a gorgeous feel to it, with its medieval looking streets, steep roofs, and little windows in the roofs that look like eyes watching you!

We got to Sibiu during a Rally Car Race. It was a surreal contrast seeing rally cars in a medieval city! There was even a giant screen projecting the movie – The Theory of Everything. This is a movie about the life of Stephen Hawking. I never thought I’d watch a movie about Stephen Hawking in a little Transylvanian town while being surrounded by rally cars! I like it!

We hired a local guide to show us around the town, and we learned quite a bit about the local history. Sibiu has quite a collection of churches with very distinct art, paintings, and icons. Our guide even showed us the burial-place of Vlad the Impaler’s son (the historical figure loosely tied to the Dracula legend).

From Sibiu we headed out to Brasov, a bit larger of a city in Transylvania. This town is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and has many of the similar features that we found in Sibiu. While somewhat touristy, this city is a definite must see!

From Brasov we set up a four-day trek into the Romanian mountains. Check back in a couple of days for our trekking post! Until then!

Cheers, Shawn

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