Matera – City Lost in Time

The ferry ride from Croatia to Italy went smoothly. The seats were reclining and allowed for a pretty good rest. We landed in Bari, and found the train to bring us to Matera.

Matera is a magically distinct place – it’s an ancient city built right into the mountainside, has the relics of medieval monasteries, and has such a distinctive aura that modern-day film makers seek this area out to capture some of the magic! Check out the photos.

We checked out several cave churches with medieval frescoes painted by monks. It was really fascinating and felt like stepping back in time. One day I wandered around the hiking trails surrounding Matera, and took in the views of the valley. Very nice!

And obviously, the food is fantastic! The pasta, pizza, and ice cream here in Italy are to die for! As Matera is off the mainstream tourist grid, the prices in Matera are very reasonable. You will have to plan your eating and shopping schedule, though, as the riposo (siesta) is taken very seriously. Plan to eat lunch from 12pm-2pm, and dinner from 8pm-10pm. With this knowledge you’ll do just fine in this beautiful city!

Cheers, Shawn

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