Camping in Venice

Why, you may ask, did we camp in this most exquisite destination? The reason – Venice is insanely expensive! Our camp site was off the island of Venice, about a 15 minute bus ride away.

I had mixed feelings about Venice. On the one hand, it is a beautiful city and a definite must see for any traveler. On the other hand, much of modern-day Venice is built solely for tourists and is priced for visitors wanting (or at least willing) to unload an obscene amount of cash. Perhaps a few more cities like this and the European economic crisis could be solved!

Enough of the soap box! It was a lot of fun to hop a water taxi and zip around the canals. There are multiple islands to explore, each with its unique flavour. I’d also recommend taking a day to walk around the main islands on foot. You have a 98.7% chance of getting lost, but that’s half the fun! Take in one of the few cities left where the water rules over the road!

The journey goes south – Florence awaits!


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