Battambang, Cambodia Photo Gallery


Stark housing difference of Battambangs inhabitants.


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Rice is the name of the game.



Wat Banan temple a taste for Angkor Wat.



Macaques hanging around a pagoda, inconspicuous plotting behind there calm demeanor.

That indeed is a slingshot.


One family we visited worked exclusively with bananas. The best banana fruit leather on the planet.

And another making rice paper. Liquefy the rice and cook it by stem, lastly left to dry in the sun.

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Giant barrels of fermenting fish overwhelm you. Choice cuts drying in the sun. And left overs to be grinded up for fodder.

Brewmaster pours out complentary shots, while explaining his rice hooch procedure.


Quick pit stop at the only winery in Cambodia.


Bats mark the sky as the daily mass exodus takes place from a cave on Sampeou mountain.


From one braclet to eight. Wasn’t particularly fair to buy one. Though I had fun haggling and picking out different ones.




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