Stonehenge and Bath – Journey Through Time

Today’s journey began with a coach ride out to an amazing pre-historic site – Stonehenge! No one knows for sure, but it’s estimated that this site was constructed around 5000 years ago! Somehow these ancient people hauled the massive stones to this site, with some as far away as 140 miles!

I must admit that I was rather giddy going on this trip. Stonehenge has always been a place I wanted to visit. Actually being there was a very cool experience. Even though it doesn’t overpower you like the Pantheon or some massive temple, Stonehenge has a certain tranquility and agelessness that hit home. To think that people 5000 years ago put their energy, knowledge, and skill into a place of reverence shows the link that modern-day humans have with our ancestors.

From Stonehenge I continued the journey onto Bath, a city built by the Romans around 2000 years ago. The natural hot springs were made for a Roman style public bath, which the Romans thought was a gift from their gods. The city’s buildings are built almost exclusively from a local “Bath stone,” which has a soothing yellow/honey colour. The architecture is beautiful, and the abbey church has very stunning stained glass windows.

From Bath I hopped back on the bus for the three-hour ride back to London. Just a few more days in London until the journey continues on. I’ll enjoy the English Breakfasts until then!

Cheers, Shawn

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