Bruges – Fun Place to Get Lost

Bruges, Belgium, is as picture perfect as a town can be! Cobblestone streets intermingled with century old architecture and flowing canals – what’s not to love? I spent today just wandering around the streets and checking out this gorgeous town. It’s fun to just take random streets to see where you end up. There’s always a church steeple or tower to guide you back!

Some points of interest:

  • If you’re into art, check out the¬†Groeningemuseum for a vast array of Belgian/Flemish artists from throughout the centuries
  • For some exercise take a 360 step climb up the Belfort, a bell tower that overlooks the city
  • The Basilica of the Holy Blood: this Roman Catholic Basilica houses a relic that was thought to be brought from Jerusalem in the Middle Ages – a phial of blood from Jesus Christ. I stopped in at the right time for a public veneration of the relic. A very beautiful ceremony and church

I find that travelling in Europe during the fall (autumn) is ideal. The colourful leaves make for beautiful sights, the temperature is perfect for walking around, there are fewer crowds, and prices are lower! For my friends in Canada, you can fly to Europe for as low as $300 (one way) with Westjet. Sounds tempting doesn’t it!

I have another couple of days here in Bruges, and then I’ll be off to Brussels. So far, Belgium is a fantastic place to be!

Cheers, Shawn

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