Dalat and Mui Ne – What a Blast!

After our Delta excursion, we wanted to relax on the beach for a few days. Mui Ne was our answer! We literally just chilled by the pool and beach for around 4 days. We met a lot of cool friends, and had a fantastic Christmas buffet! The food choices included Australian steak, prawns, shrimp, noodles, and an endless supply of fresh fruit and deserts! Maybe not the traditional turkey dinner, but it was darn tasty!

After our beach time, we were ready for more adventure! We caught a bus into the mountains, and settled in the town of Dalat. Unknown to us, Dalat was about to be transformed for their annual Flower Festival. Dalat has a huge industry of growing cut flowers, and every year the flower farms compete to develop the best flower displays and flower floats. On top of this, the government provides an amazing fireworks display. During the fireworks show there were about 3 separate finales, each one better than the last!

Dalat is well-known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. So, we decided to climb down some waterfalls! A full day excursion, we abscaled down three waterfalls, slid down a river, and jumped off an 11 meter rock face. Check out the photos below! One recommendation – try not to smash into any rocks! Your ribs will thank you! Hehe, good times in any case.

We stayed at one of my favorite hostels of the trip in Dalat. If you travel here, stay at Wolfpack Hostel Dalat. It was amazing! Each night they have community dinners that are fantastic. There’s a photo below from one of our dinners. It provides a great opportunity to meet fellow travellers. We actually met lots of friends here that we travelled with further north in Vietnam and later in Myanmar. The owners are really nice, the beds are SO comfortable, and it’s a great location!

From Dalat we head back to the beach at Nha Trang. Onward and forward!

Cheers, Shawn

Photos by Jon Lang, except for the 3 flower festival photos that were pulled from random websites – thanks random websites!

Asia Trip – 2015/2016 – Christmas in Mui Ne, and New Year’s in Dalat… good times!

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