Rome 2.0

I’ve really been enjoying my time in Rome so far. I checked out the Vatican Museum today, and am still amazed by the vast collection of frescoes, statues, and the Sistine Chapel. Such beauty, talent, and grace!

I was here almost 1 year ago, and it’s nice to really take in these amazing sights. I realize how fortunate I am to be here and observe the glories of human achievement. At the same time, many countries in Europe are so closely tied with their pasts that it inhibits their ability to deal with modern-day issues. For example, many European countries have a hard time dealing with their neighbours and addressing internal corruption problems. The UK has rejected the EU, and Rome’s newly elected mayor’s key election campaign was to stamp our organized/criminal corruption. Canada, meanwhile, carries on in a much more stable and prosperous path. I used to think that Canada’s “boring” politics/history was a bad thing… but now I better appreciate being from such an amazing country!

I also have to wade into current events here. The EU and Canada have been negotiating a free trade agreement, CETA, since 2008. Everything was finalized and was to be signed next week, but one region in Belgium seeks to veto the entire agreement! Unless Europe can salvage this agreement, the EU has lost all credibility on the international stage! Instead of the EU, Canada should pursue stronger relations with the UK once they are not gagged by the EU bloc.

Anyways… back to the travels. I could go on and on about the fantastic sites in Rome, but I would be repeating much of my blog post from one year ago. I’m going to cheat by putting in a link to my last year’s Rome post. I hope it’s not arrogant to link to my own content… in any case, here it is: Rome – Wonder and Awe

So much happened in the year since my last Rome post – I wonder where I’ll be 1 year from now. Your guess is as good as mine!

Cheers, Shawn

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