Hike to Inlay Lake

Three days of trekking from Kalaw to Inlay Lake! We had blue skies, an awesome hiking group, and friendly villagers! We journeyed through the Myanmar countryside and took in some beautiful vistas. We had homemade cooking at 2 homestays, and an amazing guide. Lots of great conversations and an inside view of the complex political transition here in Myanmar.

Myanmar has been under military rule for many years, but they recently had free elections. Aung San Suu Kyi’s political party was elected in, and the ruling military has allowed some transfer of power to a civilian government. Even though there’s still a way to go, there has been real progress here. It’s really cool being here during such a transition. Many people here have real hope for the future of their beautiful country.

Our trek journeyed through some small mountains, some jungle area, and a large stretch of farmland. We met a lot of friendly locals who were interested to know where we came from. Our hiking group was fantastic, and we had lots of good times and interesting conversations. Jon even met his girlfriend on this trek! Cheers to you Jon and Hedvika!

At the end of the hike we caught a small boat to our final destination on Inlay Lake. We relaxed here for a few days, and head to Myanmar’s south!

Cheers, Shawn

Photos by Jon Lang

Asia Trip – Early 2016

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