Switzerland – Chilling in the Mountains

Into the Alps and the beautiful nation of Switzerland! I arrived in Zürich 2 days ago, and have been loving it. Even though it’s crazy expensive, the city has such a beautiful location on the lake and is surrounded by mountains. It’s a lot of fun to walk around the old town and check out the cobblestone streets as they climb and wind up the hills. It has a uniqueness about it that is very different from other European cities, and I like it!

Today I made a day trip to Lucerne, a small town 45 minutes from Zürich. I have a bunch of photos below. Lucerne is such a picture perfect spot, arguably one of the most beautiful towns in the world! The murals, statues, churches, and lake/mountain setting is fantastic!

There’s a very unique monument in Lucerne – the Lion’s Monument. A mortally wounded lion has been carved into a massive rock. This represents the many Swiss soldiers that were slaughter by Napoleon back in the late 1700’s. A bit sombre, but very beautiful.

My brief visit to Switzerland is coming to an end, as I will be heading to Munich, Germany, tomorrow morning. It’s been a lot of fun!

Cheers, Shawn

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