Munich – Heart of Bavaria

I’ve been having fun in the active and historical capital of Bavaria, in southern Germany! I wandered around the old city yesterday, and checked out the Haus Der Kunst, an art museum from the post-war years. It’s a very expansive collection of contemporary art covering an array of topics and art expression. Some of it is a little far out, but overall I really enjoyed it!

I was checking out some parks and gardens, and came across one canal where people were surfing! Yes, they had wet suits and surf boards, and were riding on a wave generated from the canal. So random and cool! Check out the photo below.

Today was a bit rainy, but I still headed out to Nymphenburg Palace here in Munich. It’s quite a sprawling area, and includes a fantastic garden/park. I actually got lost and wandered around for over an hour. During these wanderings I came across a flock of Canadian Geese – made me feel right at home! I also stopped by the Pinakothek der Moderne, a massive collection of modern art. They had some very interesting pieces of Salvador Dali, a pretty imaginative surrealist painter.

Munich is a city that has something for everyone. It goes without saying that the nightlife here is fantastic, especially during Oktoberfest. There’s also all kinds of museums ranging from art, cars, history, etc. The parks and plazas are beautiful, and you can even go surfing!

It’s been a blast! Now I’m off to Salzburg, Austria for 3 days. Back to the mountains!

Cheers, Shawn

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