Farewell Europe

Frankfurt is my last stop in Europe as I catch a 12 hour flight to Cancun tomorrow. In this 1.5 month trip, I’ve visited England, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. So many beautiful places, fun people, and good times.

I will now spend 3 months in Mexico and Central America. I start in Cancun, and will finish in Panama City on February 15. As I’ve had snow here in Germany and Austria, I am looking forward to the warm weather, nice beaches, and outdoor adventures! It’ll be good times!

I’ve enjoyed my last days here in Frankfurt, and checked out the historic Romer with beautiful buildings and plaza. There is a lot of work going on now to prepare the Christmas Market. You’ll notice this in some of the photos. Another very interesting stop is the Staedel Museum – it has a vast collection of contemporary, modern, and ancient art. If you like art, this is a must!

Cheers to all my European friends. If you want to visit Canada and check out the Northern Lights (after February), give me a shout!

Cheers, Shawn

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