Bazaars and Beaches!

The city of Marrakesh – nothing quite like it! The main square in the city – Jemaa el Fna, turns into a flurry of activity, including snake charmers, musicians, shops with nearly everything, and likely the world’s largest collection of orange juice stands. Just wandering around the square was a treat! We had a lot of fun wandering around the medina area, finding our way through the maze of streets and alleyways.

After all the activities and cities, we decided to chill in a little beach town called Essaouira. A four hour bus ride from Marrakech, and it felt like a world away! The pace is relaxed an calm, with the sound of waves and seaguls in the background. This spot is great for surfing, swimming, suntanning, and catching up on blog posts! We found an awesome hostel here, called Hostel Cloud 9. The hosts an other guests have created a great atmosphere to relax and unwind.

Our time in Morocco is coming to an end. I’ll be making a quick stopover in Casablanca, and will be flying into Barcelona tomorrow. Back to Europe!



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