Scotland – Nature, Castles, and Haggis!

We made the northward journey to Edinburgh and have been enjoying the natural beauty of the city. Earlier today I wandered through Holyrood Park to “Arthur’s Seat,” a beautiful peak overlooking the Edinburgh Castle! Check out the photos.

A trip to Scotland wouldn’t be complete without trying haggis, a tasty dish that includes sheep liver, heart, lung, and stomach. Highly recommended! If you can’t handle the full dish, you can try a sample on your burger!

The Edinburgh Castle is a beautiful medieval castle perched on a high point in the city. According to some researchers, this may have been one of the most attacked fortresses in the world – we managed to avoid the cannon fire!

The galleries and museums in Edinburgh were also very interesting. A main exhibit is the Millennium Clock, which was built to commemorate human suffering of the 20th century. Even though it sounds (and is) rather dark, this was fascinating to see. Every hour the clock and its tower toll and provides an animatronics display. If you’re ever in Edinburgh, check it out at the National Museum of Scotland!

We’ll be flying out to Belfast on July 14th to begin our Ireland adventure. Until then!



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