Berlin and Cologne – German Journies

Hi everyone,

Due to a recent purchase of a chess board, I’ve been distracted from my blog writing! I’ll try harder to establish a better work/personal life balance, hehe.

We made our way into Germany – first to Cologne and then to Berlin. Cologne was a very chill city to relax and recharge. After traveling for over two months, we’ve come to realize that downtime is a definite must!

Right near our hostel was the beautiful Cologne Cathedral, a fascinating and huge gothic church. Check out the photos. Other highlights include the Roman-German Museum, which contains a vast array of Roman ruins from the era of the Roman Empire, and much more. A must for history buffs everywhere!

On the 30th anniversary of my life’s journey, we hopped a bus to Berlin. Berlin is a city of beauty, history, and charm.  We visited the Topography of Terror, a museum outlining the horrors of the Nazi regime. This was certainly a heavy visit, one to remember those who died/suffered under the regime, and to ensure that it never happens again.

We also visited the remaining portions of the Berlin Wall – quite something to see in person. I can only image what it was like to be here when the wall originally fell! Other highlights of the city include the Brandenburg Gate, the Pergamon Museum (ancient civilizations), the Neues Museum (ancient Egypt), and the Altes Museum (a collection of artifacts, coins, and exhibits from ancient civilizations. Very interesting!

From Berlin we head out to Krakow, Poland. Onwards and forwards!

Cheers, Shawn

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