Krakow – Beer, cuisine and history

We made it to Krakow, Poland! On the first evening we found a very chill pub that brews its own beer. The honey beer was to die for! If anyone plans to visit Poland, their beer is top rate! Not only their beer, but their food as well.

We walked into a little restaurant that was attached to a family’s home. Even though we didn’t speak Polish, and our host didn’t speak English, we were able to order a delicious dinner of bacon/cheese pierogies with sauerkraut. On top of this, the prices are great!

But we did more than eat and drink the whole time! Some of the highlights include wandering around the beautiful square, and running into a live outdoors concert. A group of about 12 singers were performing traditional Polish songs – along with honouring the service personnel in Poland’s military.

During one day in Poland, we made a trip out to Auschwitz, the ominous Nazi extermination camp. I knew that this was going to be a heavy experience, but seeing the mountains of prisoners’ shoes, baby clothes, and human hair was very shocking. A staggering 1.2 million people lost their lives here, many of whom were Jewish people. We remember those who lost their lives here, and ensure that nothing like this happens again.

Our time in Poland has been great. The vibe, food, and people were fantastic. I definitely recommend visiting Poland for my fellow travellers. From Krakow we head east to Prague, in the Czech Republic. Until then!



One thought on “Krakow – Beer, cuisine and history”

  1. Shawn, your posts are always excellent! The food and beer sound and look delicious. Auschwitz must have been a heart-wrenching experience. Thanks for your beautiful photos – and also to Jon for his wonderful photo galleries! A big ‘hi’ to Mike from us!! Keep having a fabulous time. Take good care. We miss you!


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