Bizarre Skopje and Beautiful Matka

We arrived in the Macedonian capital of Skopje around ten in the evening and proceeded to walk to our hostel. On the way we came across the huge plethora of newly renovated government buildings and huge statues in the city centre.

While travelling in Europe, I’m used to seeing statues of dudes on a horse. However, the statue of Alexander the Great in the city square is something else. It is a whopping 22 meters high, and is surrounded by an elaborate water fountain. This is part of a project by the Macedonian government to boost the country’s claim to the Macedonian epoch, even though much of historical Macedonia now belongs to Greece. Even though locals in Skopje are unhappy with the country’s resources being spent on such lavish things, it is quite the sight to behold!

If you’re travelling to Skopje, you MUST take a day trip out to Matka Canyon. This canyon and river are surrounded by sheer rock cliffs that provide stunning views. We hiked along the side of the river, and also rented kayaks to gain a view from the river. Check out the photos below!

As we’ve been spending time in the cities, we’re now heading to a smaller town called Ohrid in southwestern Macedonia, which is on the shore of Lake Ohrid. Good times await!

Cheers, Shawn

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