Sofia and the Rila Monastery

We made it to Sofia, the Bulgarian capital! We’re staying at an awesome hostel with travellers from all of the world, free breakfast/dinner, and a great location! Check out Hostel Mostel if you’re in Sofia!

In our first day we did a walking tour to gain an insight into Bulgaria’s history, and see some of the highlights. In the afternoon we also went on a communist tour, which outlined the pervasive effect of communism on the country. Even though the country still struggles with corruption and government waste, there is much optimism as Bulgaria progresses as a democratic state.

On day 2 we made a day trip to Rila Monastery, which is a stunning Orthodox religious sight near the top of Rila Mountain. The monastery is covered in frescoes in the iconic style. The elaborate works of art is really a site to behold! While we were there we climbed through a narrow cave where one of the founding monks lived for several years. Talk about dedication!

From Sofia we head into Macedonia, to Skopje. Until then!

Cheers, Shawn

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