Chilling on the Black Sea

From the city we headed down to a little beach town in southern Romania – Vama Veche. This was a great place to relax, lie on the beach, and drink beer. I consider it a vacation from my vacation!

From Vama Veche we headed south into Bulgaria to Varna, which was another Black Sea beach town. While a little too cold for enjoying the beach, we wandered around this town, checked out some curious communist monuments, and enjoyed some fantastic Bulgarian food.

We ordered a salad for dinner, which was accompanied with three kinds of delicious cheese! And the Bulgarian custom is to have a drink called rakiya with your salad. This is a fruit brand type of drink that packs quite a punch. I’ll try bringing this custom back to Canada!

Overall we had a very relaxing time on the Black Sea, and decided it was time to head westward to Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. A seven hour train ride awaits!

Cheers, Shawn

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