Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Lake Ohrid

Here we have the splendid lake shared by Macedonia and Albania. The weather played nice and was mostly sunny. Chill old town to hang around and warm water to dip in.


This lovely lady was nice enough to let me capture her. She does water colors and sketches of them with ink and a tooth pick! Get outa town right?



Below we have some images of the old and new basilica.

National Park Galichica

And now for some mountain hiking pictures. We did get a little off track a few times, but hey just an add to the venture.


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A pen. Snail for scale.




One thought on “Lake Ohrid, Macedonia”

  1. that terrain reminds me of Scotland, looks like an easy going laid back kind of place.
    That toothpick idea is just like something your Dad would do.


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