Romanian Mountains and moore

Day one of our hiking tour was literally a walk in the park, the Bucegi Park. A warm up and a trial run for our guide, nicknamed The Colonel, to judge our mountaineering abilities. 

Day two and three are combined here and the mountain range is named Piatra Craiului, meaning Prince’s Stone. Was quite a physical and mental gauntlet but worth every second up there. Sweat was produced. The highest peak was 2,238 meters called Vârful La Om.


Below is a pano of our guide Mr.Bogdon, a most interesting individual who will enlighten whom he travels with and most certainly test.



Though steep and sometimes scarey with narrow goat paths as our trail, we rallied on. Not even some rock climbing and memorial placques (rip) could stop us.



Resting up was such a reward especially with home cooked meals and Raki a traditional spirit to warm our battered souls.


Along with the natural beauty and great guest house came a dinner served by a local shepherd. This was the most legit cultural experience. Polenta balls filled with cheese the size of your noggin. Plus a pack of ferocious sheep puppies.

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