Milan – Fashion, Style, and Churches

No matter what Milan does, it’s done in style! From its many clothing lines, shopping malls, churches, or cemeteries, there’s nothing to match! My first impression after arising from the metro was the massive Duomo, Milan’s cathedral. It has 135 spires/pinnacles, and is the 2nd largest church in Italy. It is a true gothic church with pillars reaching to the sky! Check out the photos below.

I was surprised to find some very beautiful and huge parks in Milan. Take a stroll to the Sforza Castle, and wander through Sempione Park. While crossing the moat to the castle, there were several cats out and about. Maybe a good spot to catch the castle mice! They make pretty good guards!

Another interesting place to check out is the Monumental Cemetery a little north of the city. The metro stop goes right there. They don’t have headstones, they have mausoleums! Milanese even go out in style!

There are so many cool areas to check out from shopping malls, arches, Leonardo statues, etc. There seems to be something for everyone. I’ve enjoyed my time here, and will be making my way to Turin next – my last stop in Italy!

Cheers, Shawn

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