Turin – Italy’s Northern Jewel

My last stop in Italy is the beautiful city of Turin. A fantastic thing here is that it feels like a real city – very few tourists! There are so many things to check out from the world-class Egyptian Museum, relaxing in the parks around the city, or taking a trip down memory lane in the Theatre/Cinema Museum.

Turin feels like a more authentic city, as it’s not geared so much to tourists. I really enjoyed wandering around the city and climbing the surrounding hills. There’s always a church or shrine to visit, along with great views of the area. The food is also very good and much cheaper than the more touristy areas.

The Egyptian Museum is an absolute must! The collection is amazing, and ranges from several Book of the Dead scrolls, mummies, statues of several gods/pharaohs, and even a 6000 year old beer jug! Very cool!

The Theatre/Cinema Museum was really interesting! It starts how cinema originated, and moves through the old classics with Marilyn Monroe to modern-day films with 3D effects. There’s a tower at this museum called the Mole Antonelliana, and you can catch the elevator with a panoramic view of the museum on the way up. You can wander around the museum and walk through all kinds of movie sets. By the end I felt I was actually in a movie!

Overall I had a great time. Now I head over the Alps to Zürich, Switzerland!

Cheers, Shawn

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