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Isla Ometepe – So Many Adventures

What a setting – you’re in the middle of a massive lake on an island formed by 2 volcanoes. There’s so much to do here, such as hiking, kayaking, biking, or chilling on the beach. I stayed in a town near Volcano Concepcion, which is a very tough hike. Our group made it up to the viewpoint, and couldn’t finish due to really strong winds. We had to hike diagonally to keep going straight! After this hike my muscles needed a rest.

For my next set of adventures, I made a full 10 hour tour of the island. My adventures included: climbing to some waterfalls, kayaking through a river between the volcanoes, relaxing at some natural springs, and checking out the sunset. I traversed the island via motorbike, which is the only real way to see all the sights.

The San Ramon waterfalls is a steady hike that takes about 3 hours return. You start walking by farms fields, and eventually wind partway up Volcano Maderas. Even though the water level was low, the sheer drop of the waterfalls was a sight to behold.

The next stop was River Istian, which flows between the 2 volcanoes of the island. This protected area is teeming with life with all kinds of birds, turtles, sleeping bats, and caiman. Caiman are a mini-crocodile creature and live along the river. I also checked out Oja de Agua, a beautiful natural springs pool.

My final stop was the sand bar on the western point of the island for the stunning sunset. I got a double feature, as there was a full moon above Volcano Concepcion. Both of these made for some beautiful photos, if I do say so myself! Check them out below.

I only have one more stop left on the trip – Panama City!

Cheers, Shawn

Utila – Enter the Bay Islands

My scuba diving adventures in the Bay Islands of Honduras begin! I hung out at Parrots Dive Center and completed my Advanced Open Water PADI certification. Parrots was a blast with professional instructors, fun divemasters, and amazing dives. If you make it to Utila, check them out!

After this I checked out the local reefs, walls, and sea wildlife for 5 days. All kinds of cool sea creatures, including: nurse sharks, lobster, octopus, squid, crabs, beautiful coral, and so many different fish! There are some great wall dives around Utila where you can see the ocean bottom fall before you. Very cool!

In the afternoons, I made many sweet kayaking journeys. There is a little canal that runs through the island, and you can kayak from one side to the other. You have shade for most of the way through the mangroves, where you can see many bird species, weird-looking crab, and have a chance to snorkel at the east end of the island. This is a very unique and beautiful trip. A hostel/bar called The Venue rents quality kayaks and is well situated to start your kayaking adventure.

Utila was a lot of fun for both the activities and the people. I made a lot of friends during my time here, and am rather sad to leave. But the journey continues to the largest of the Bay Islands – Roatan!

Cheers, Shawn

P.S. Note that I am NOT sponsored by the companies that I mention in my blog. I recommend them because I had great experiences there, and want to share these with my fellow travellers.