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Isla Ometepe – So Many Adventures

What a setting – you’re in the middle of a massive lake on an island formed by 2 volcanoes. There’s so much to do here, such as hiking, kayaking, biking, or chilling on the beach. I stayed in a town near Volcano Concepcion, which is a very tough hike. Our group made it up to the viewpoint, and couldn’t finish due to really strong winds. We had to hike diagonally to keep going straight!¬†After this hike my muscles needed a rest.

For my next set of adventures, I made a full 10 hour tour of the island. My adventures included: climbing to some waterfalls, kayaking through a river between the volcanoes, relaxing at some natural springs, and checking out the sunset. I traversed the island via motorbike, which is the only real way to see all the sights.

The San Ramon waterfalls is a steady hike that takes about 3 hours return. You start walking by farms fields, and eventually wind partway up Volcano Maderas. Even though the water level was low, the sheer drop of the waterfalls was a sight to behold.

The next stop was River Istian, which flows between the 2 volcanoes of the island. This protected area is teeming with life with all kinds of birds, turtles, sleeping bats, and caiman. Caiman are a mini-crocodile creature and live along the river. I also checked out Oja de Agua, a beautiful natural springs pool.

My final stop was the sand bar on the western point of the island for the stunning sunset. I got a double feature, as there was a full moon above Volcano Concepcion. Both of these made for some beautiful photos, if I do say so myself! Check them out below.

I only have one more stop left on the trip – Panama City!

Cheers, Shawn