Markets, parties, and architecture – Barcelona

Hi everyone, we made it back to Europe! Flew from Casablanca to Barcelona on the 20th. Barcelona is a gorgous city, with so many sites and events to experience. Some of the highlights include:

  • The Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family) Basilica. This stunning Basilica combines modern and gothic styles, and utiizes natural light in such an amazing way. The scale and unique designs are like nothing else on the planet! See the attached photos
  • Casa Batllo – a facinating house designed by Gaudi, the same architect as the above Basilica. Every detail of the house was methodically thought out, such as the central light column to provide natural lighting, the erganomic ventaliation system, and the bronze door handles made with clay moulds to perfectly fit to your hands
  • La Boqueria: an extremely appealing market with all kinds of fresh seafood to taste, freshly squeezed fruit juices, wine, beer, and every kind of goodie that you can think of.

The general vibe of Barcelona is very chill, even though it is a thriving metropolis. I learned that Barcelona, an the Catalonia region of Spain speaks their own language -Catalan! This area is quite distinct from the rest of spain, with its own unique culture and history.

We were lucky to be in the city for the Saint Joan festival on the evening of the 23rd, where the people head to the streets and beach and set off fireworks until the wee hours of the morning! Vendors were coming around the beach to sell beer and mojitos for 1 euro! Quite a bargain!

All in all, Ioved Barcelona! I will definety be going back. From Barcelona the journey continues onto Paris! Until then!


One thought on “Markets, parties, and architecture – Barcelona”

  1. What a fabulously beautiful basilica! Your photos have so captured many intricate details. Your descriptions and wonderful photos are very inviting! Thanks, Shawn!


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