Known before you know it

The cliche its a small world is well put for coincidental experiences we’ve recently had. Starting in windy coastal Essaouria where we arrived at the hostel with our future travel friend TJ. Hungary from the ride in we dropped off our packs and headed out hunting for grub. Settled down with a couple sandwiches we started exchanging stories and life details. As Shawn began to reveal the trip and where we had been, TJ pipes in You guys are traveling for two years. And one of you is more of the planner and the other is a relax guy tagging along. Delightfully surprised and taken a back we learned TJ had spent a night in the desert with two other travelers we met in Fez. We have become notorious! Awesome.

Also while wandering the medina in Essaouria precisely in front of the carpenter in the picture below, who was trying to sell me his passionate treasures. When I noticed a passing familiar face ‘you.’  I said. Her name fleeting my mind mid sales pitch, she replied ‘you.’ Sharing mirror image perplexed expressions I broke the ice ‘We met in Seville on the rooftop terrace.’  with that the cloud of confusion cleared Doris! Jon!


She was with a friend from a yoga retreat which took place in Marrakech. We caught up on our wandering around and swapped stories of the Moroccan experience. Her friend give out some sound advice on where to scuba dive in Egypt, which I jotted down in the ol’ moonskin notebook. After catching up we said our fairwells and I used our encounter to ditch the sales pitch. Sorry fella.


Let the meta continue. After the sand, sun and time vaccum chill vibe of Essaouria I ventured on heading to Barcelona. Bus ride to Marrakech airport where gate numbers don’t exist I boarded the plane. To the right of my align seat sat a young lady reading a gem The Alchemist, needless to say how I broke the ice. Informal became formal, we traded our stories of traveling Morocco. ‘I was apart of an yoga retreat in Marrakesh’  she said. Yoga? Marrakech? ‘Was a girl named Doris there?’ Yup. So the world appeared smaller then usual for a moment while we exchanged laughs.

As time goes on and the network of people we meet expands, I’m quite convinced these encounters will continue to be more grand and inspiring.

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